Welcome to Our Garden

Nestled between the shop and the hillside field, our garden is where it all comes together.

The Garden is open to all; we created it as an outdoor retreat for ourselves and our community to use easily for work (we grow Wi-Fi), to take time out or to be momentarily reminded of the simple things in life. Come by to enjoy a green shake or picnic basket, engulfed in the lavish herbs and spices and trees - and watch your day get instantly better!

When the evening sets in, a house chef brings the candle-lit dinner table to life, among the magical fairly lights while our guests enjoy a Farma Dine experience under the stars.


For us, “Culture” is as much about the way our food is grown, as it is about the way we experience its consumption. Farma Dine is our way of nurturing a culinary culture that brings people and creativity and ideas together - over a wonderful seasonal meal. Every meal is a celebration of the same day’s offerings, gathered fresh from our field and carefully sourced from artisans we love.

Join us for our next farm-to-table culinary experience. Or - let us host your own private unforgettable feast at the farm.

Farma’s Green Shake
Jumpstart your morning

Stop by the shop as early as 6am for your morning Farma shake. Based on a creamy blend of fresh garden greens and homemade almond milk, our house recipe has become an inseparable part of our morning routine. The perfect on-the-go breakfast or post-workout snack you can take or enjoy in our sunny garden.

A Picnic at the Farm
Our favorite thing to do!

Our picnic basket is filled with wholesome goodies made with love:

Fresh veggies from the field, artisan sheep cheeses, sourdough bread, an assortment of dips and pastes made by our farm chef, olives, butter, jam, fruit and a jug of herb-infused water.  

Guests are welcome to order a bottle of chilled wine or green shakes, in line with the occasion.

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