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Living Matters

‘Accidentally’ becoming organic, sustainability-driven farmers has shown us that being close to nature is about nourishing yourself without harming your surroundings. Although we learn something new every day and every season, after just a few short years, we are amazed at how the quality of our life has improved. Living Matters is a growing collection of all the things we are passionate about – from ecological straws to cosmetics, condiments and workshops. Its our way of sharing the exciting stories and solutions we come across every day with our customers and community.

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Who We Are

A family, a farm, a growing community and an abundance of beautiful fresh food

When we set out on this adventure, we chose to uphold a sustainable farming model that connects:

  • How we grow and source our produce,

  • To how we express our gratitude to the land and to

  • The people that surround us, and finally - to the plate that is served at our table.

We are thrilled to get to know you -you're likely one of us! Welcome!

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